Working Together to Create a Cleaner Greener Vermont

After years of working together on various projects and decades in the water resources industry, Cyrus & Jill Marsano formed VTUMS with the goal of giving systems access to the some of the most talented operators in Vermont without having to hire several full time employees or buy specialized equipment – rather having a team of operators and technicians with state of the art equipment at their fingertips.
VTUMS combines the expertise of our principals and staff of talented operators and technicians to perform the operations, maintenance, and repairs of water, wastewater, anaerobic digesters, and stormwater utilities. This one-of-a-kind operations company makes it easy for our clients to meet all their utility management needs with one easy partnership.

Interested in becoming a licensed operator with VTUMS?


Our team of licensed operators and technicians have over 40 years of combined experience operating municipal and private systems. Our operators are always up to date on current training and changing regulations since we work in the operations industry in Vermont and have been for over 35 years. In addition, our team members have decades of construction experience including extensive expertise repairing and installing utilities.