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Jill and Cyrius Marsano, Owners of VTUMS


Vermont Utility Management Services (VTUMS) is a water, wastewater and stormwater operations, maintenance, and repair company, making it easy for our clients to meet all their utility management needs with one easy partnership. We provide system operations, maintenance, and repairs for water, wastewater and stormwater systems of all sizes and locations across the state of Vermont. We are able to perform maintenance and repairs quickly and cost-effectively with our Aquatech Jet/Vac/Hydro truck, hot water jetter, inspection cameras, and excavation equipment at our fingertips.

Working Together to Create a Cleaner Greener Vermont

After years of working together on various projects and decades in the water resources industry, Jill & Cyrus formed VTUMS with the goal of giving systems access to the some of the most talented operators in Vermont without having to hire several full time employees or buy specialized equipment – rather having a team of operators and technicians with state of the art equipment at their fingertips. VTUMS combines the expertise of our principals and staff of talented operators and technicians to perform the operations, maintenance, and repairs of water, wastewater, anaerobic digesters, and stormwater utilities. This one-of-a-kind operations company makes it easy for our clients to meet all their utility management needs with one easy partnership.
Jill Marsano /

Jill Marsano


Jill Marsano is financial and operations executive holding both water and wastewater licenses.  With over 20 years of experience working in the water industry, she has great knowledge of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities and infrastructure.  She has formed excellent working relationships with municipal, state, and federal agencies and has a depth and breadth of experience with state and federal funding, programs, permitting, and regulations.  Jill is focused on helping clients with their projects and systems to keep Vermont’s water clean.  She is always looking at efficiencies to save her client’s money and get more done for less. Her strong project management skills allow her to work with clients to plan out their needs from emergency repairs to planned maintenance and long term upgrades and growth.

Cyrus Marsano /

Cyrus Marsano

Vice President

Cyrus Marsano is a master mechanic, skilled machine operator, and licensed water and wastewater operator with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  His expertise allows clients to achieve their goals through his ability to create masterful solutions to fix complicated problems.  When it comes to operating and caring for clients, projects, and the equipment we own, he believes in proactive measures that keep everything running efficiently.

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