VTUMS offers reduced rate bundles to get your repairs and maintenance done within your budget.

Aquatech Jet/Vac Hydro Excavator

Get More Done for Less

At VTUMS, we go above and beyond for our clients, acting as project managers for your utilities and projects. We have the knowledge and the equipment to take care of all the details and bring your project from conception to completion.

Hydro Excavation

  • Pot holing/day lighting to find buried utilities without the damage of a bucket
  • Bucket free digging in areas with congested utilities, around gas lines, sewer lines and more
  • Assisting in water and sewer line breaks to keep the excavation dry and clean


  • Deep pump station cleaning
  • Manhole cleaning and jetting inverts/lines
  • Sewer line jetting
  • Deep cleaning of tanks and structures with buildup impacting flow, pumping, and effluent quality


  • Valve box resets, replacements, and cleaning
  • Curb box resets, replacements and cleaning
  • Low impact hydrant and dry hydrant repairs and installations
  • Main line leak repairs
  • Service line leak repairs
  • Install new service lines

Liquid Waste Hauling

  • Bio-solids
  • Organics
  • Recyclables
  • Septage
  • Food waste
  • Beverage waste
  • Sludge

Stormwater Cleaning,
Jetting & Repairs

  • Catch basin and drain cleaning, jetting, and repairs
  • Stormwater pond clean outs and structure repairs
  • Swale cleanouts


  • All types of lines and drains

Jet/Vac Hydro Excavation Services